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    War of the Roses

2021 WOR Champs

27th Lancaster/York War of the Roses

Presented by Benecon & Lancaster Hyundai
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 Lancaster Hyundai
Bent Creek Country Club - 2021

Ryder Cup Format - Foursome (Alternate Shot) / Fourball (Better Ball) / Singles Matches
12 players on each team, 10 players selected based on War of the Roses points and 2 captain's picks

2021 War of the Roses

Saturday Results


Lancaster 5 York 1

Hornberger and M. Oliveri, Jr Lancaster def. B. Ruby and D. Dimoff, York 3+2 

Dixon and A. Forjan, York Tied Z. Drescher and G. Osborne Lancaster

C, Sheehan and D. McCarty, Lancaster Tied S. Goodley and P. Baust, York

Felpel and C. Kliewer, Lancaster def. N. Hess and D. O’Connor, York 5+4 

Barry and J. Texter, Lancaster def B. Berkheimer and K. Trout, York 3+2 

Gilbert and B. Erb, Lancaster def B. Stiffler and M. Wise, York 2+1



Lancaster 4 York 2

Hess and A. Forjan, York def C. Sheehan and D. McCarty, Lancaster 5+4

Dimoff and Z. Dixon, York def Z. Drescher and G. Osborne, Lancaster 2+1

Hornberger and M. Oliveri, Jr, Lancaster def B. Ruby and B. Berkheimer, York 6+5

Felpel and C. Kliewer, Lancaster def P. Baust and K. Trout, York 5+4

Gilbert and B. Erb, Lancaster def D. O’Connor and M. Wise, York 6+5

Texter and J. Barry, Lancaster def B. Stiffler and S. Goodley, York 5+3


Sunday Results 


Lancaster 8 ½ York 3 ½

C, Hornberger, Lancaster def D. O’Connor, York 3 & 1

Oliveri, Jr Lancaster def S. Goodley, York 3 & 2

Texter, Lancaster def A. Forjan, Yorh 3 & 2

Dimoff, York, def J. Barry, Lancaster 1 up

Ruby, York def D. McCarty, Lancaster 3 & 1

Kliewer, Lancaster def N. Hess, York 4 & 3

Sheehan, Lancaster def B. Berkheimer, York 4 & 3

B Stiffler, York def G. Osborne, Lancaster 7 & 5

Felpel, Lancaster tied M. Wine, York 

Gilbert, Lancaster def P. Baust, York 6 & 4

Drescher, Lancaster def Z. Dixon, York 3 & 2

Erb, Lancaster def K. Trout, York 2 & 1 

Lancaster 17.5
York 6.5
Captain - Jim Fuhrman
Asst. Captain - King Knox
Asst. Captain - Ron Weaver
LANCO Team Members
Craig Hornberger
Connor Sheehan
Zak Drescher
Marc Oliveri Jr
Conor Gilbert
Craig Kliewer
Greg Osborne
Ryan Felpel
Brady Erb
Jarred Texter
John Barry
Derrick McCarty 



Title Count

Lancaster -17 

York- 9

Split - 1