11th Annual LANCO
Match Play Championship
Presented by
Brent L. Miller Jewelers & Goldsmiths
Brent L Miller

Crossgate Golf Club
Friday, July 31st - Rounds 1 and 2
Saturday, Aug 1st - 3rd and Final Round

Field is limited to 16 players including last year's champion.
There is no registration; the top-ranked players are invited to play.
Players are ranked based on results from the
current year's LANCO Amateur and LANCO Open.
#1 Seed - Last Year's Match Play Champion 
#2 Seed - Amateur Champion
#3 Seed - Low Amateur in the Open
The other 13 players are seeded based on their
performance in both the Amateur and Open
(with more weight given to the Amateur)
Automatic Bids: 
Top 5 places in the Amateur and Top 3 in the Open
(not including ties, ties broken by low round in Amateur or Open)
Remaining spots are filled by low total of three rounds
 posted in the Amateur and Open
 The Tournament Chairman will extend invitations
after conclusion of the LANCO Open.
If there are any declines the next ranked player is invited.

Entry fee of $ includes golf, range and prizes
Golf Carts are allowed for Players only, not caddies
LANCO Golf Tournaments are open to Lancaster County residents
who have a verifiable handicap at a local golf course and non-Lancaster County
residents with a valid USGA handicap at a Lanco member golf course. 
Registration closes 7 days prior to the event start date