Code of Conduct 2017

Lancaster County Golf Association
Tournament Rules, Policies and Code of Conduct
April 2017

Play and equipment is governed by the Rules of Golf of the USGA and, where applicable, by the attached Local Rules.
Equipment must be on the list of conforming USGA regulations.

1. Lateness for Starting Time: In the absence of circumstances which warrant completely waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in
Rule 33-7, if the player arrives at his starting point ready to play within five (5) minutes of his/her starting time, the penalty of disqualification
for failure to start on time is modified to “2 strokes in stroke play”. NO SHOWS Those players who fail to appear for their assigned time without
notifying Lancaster County Golf Association (LANCO) and/or the host club could be suspended from playing in all LANCO tournaments for one
(1) year. Suspension includes the following year’s event at which the infraction occurred.

2. Pace of Play: Players are expected to play each hole at the pace the field dictates or, as a maximum, as specified on the local rules sheet. Players
are “out of position” when there is one clear hole open in front of them tee to tee or green to green. Once “out of position” and off pace, the
players may be put on the clock to determine the offending player/ players. (A subsequent bad time is when the player takes more than 45
seconds to play his shot). Two (2) bad times will result in a one stroke penalty. A third bad time will result in an additional stroke penalty and
the fourth bad time will result in disqualification.

3. Motorized Transportation: A motorized cart is part of the player’s equipment.
a. A player or players using a cart may appoint someone to drive the cart in which case the driver is considered to be the caddie of the player or
players. Only the player or players or his/her caddie is authorized to drive the cart.
b. NO spectator carts allowed. Only players’ carts and official carts authorized by the LANCO will be allowed on the course.

4. Lifting an embedded ball: Anywhere “through the green” a ball which is embedded in its own pitch mark in the ground, except loose sand, may
be lifted without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it was embedded but not closer to the hole. (See Rule 20).
“Through the green” is the entire area of the course except:
a. Tee ground and putting green of the hole being played:
b. All hazards on the course

5. Marking Position of Lifted Ball: Before a ball on the putting green is lifted, its position shall be marked by placing a small marker immediately
behind the ball: if the ball marker interferers with another player, the marker should be moved one or more putter head lengths to one side. If the
position of the ball is not so marked, the player shall incur a penalty of one (1) stroke and the ball shall be replaced. If the ball is not replaced, the
player shall incur the penalty for breach of Rule 20-3a, but no additional penalty under the Local Rule shall be applied. (This modifies Rule

6. Practice Between Holes- PROHIBITED. Between the play of two holes, a player shall NOT play any practice stroke on or near the putting
green of the last hole played.

7. Out of Bounds: “Out of Bounds” is ground on which play is prohibited. When out of bounds is defined by reference stakes or a fence or as being
beyond stakes or a fence, the out of bounds line is determined by the nearest inside points of the stakes or fence at ground level excluding angled
supports; the out of bounds line extends vertically upward and downward. When out of bounds is defined by a line on the ground, the line itself is
out of bounds. A ball is out of bounds when all of it lies out of bounds. Note: Such stakes, fence posts, concrete base of fence posts, and fences
along boundaries are not obstructions.

8. Permanent Elevated Power Lines and Cables: If a ball strikes such a line or cable, the stroke shall be cancelled and must be replayed without
penalty. Player must play stroke (replay) from where the previous stroke was played.

9. Suspension of Play for a Dangerous Reason: When play is suspended for a dangerous reason, e.g., lightning, tornado, high winds, etc., all
players will immediately suspend play and shall not continue or resume play until the Member course has ordered resumption of play. Note: A
suspension for a dangerous reason shall be signaled by one prolonged siren blast. All other types of suspension shall be signaled by several
short, intermittent siren or horn blast.
Penalty for Breach of this condition…Disqualification.
All practice areas shall remain closed during suspension for dangerous reasons until the LANCO has declared them open for use.

10. Playoff: See separate Supplementary Rule Sheet. (Regulated by the Member Course)


11. Failure to Return a Scorecard: Any player who fails to return a scorecard to the scoreboard official or who withdraws during play without
notifying an official and personally surrendering his scorecard to that official, could be suspended from play in all LANCO tournaments for one
(1) year. Suspension includes the following year’s event at which the infraction occurred.

12. Cellular phones and Beepers: All players/caddies are advised that the use of cellular/smart phones for phone calls, emails, text messaging on the
course is permitted as along as it is done so within the confines of Rule 14-3 and if the host facility allows those devices to be used. All players
are expected to keep their phones in silent mode while on the course.

13. LANCO EVENTS PROHIBIT the transportation and consumption of alcoholic beverages during competition.

14. Dress Code: Players are required to observe good taste and dress appropriately for the golf course. Items of clothing such as cargo pants and
shorts (baggy clothing with large pockets in the knee area), blue jeans, short-shorts (bottom of shorts may not be higher than two inches from the
top of the knee), tank tops, etc. are considered inappropriate. Hats are to be worn toward the front. Anyone attired in such a manner will not be
allowed to participate in a LANCO event. Metal shoe spikes are not permitted.