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    A Note from the Captain

 A Note from the Captain


I would like to first thank our sponsors, Mr. Sam Lombardo of Benecon as well as Mr. John Sweeney of Lancaster Hyundai.

On the golf course side, I would like to thank Jim Haus- Bent Creek General Manager and his staff as well as the Bent Creek membership for hosting the War and making us feel welcome.

Golf Course Superintendent Steve Ehrhart and his staff. Despite a shortage of staff and weather that has been very challenging over this past month Steve and his staff had the course in great shape.

I don’t think York golfers know how blessed they are to have a guy that puts his heart and soul into making the YCAGA the success it is. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Dave Bennet for all he does year in and year out to make the War of the Roses a success. This guy loves the game of golf and is a good example of what it means to “give back to the game”.

When they nominated me to be the Lancaster Captain of the War of the Roses, I had one stipulation and that was to bring on two assistant captains. I’m fortunate to have two of the best. King Knox and Ron Weaver. Thank you, gentlemen. Until you become Captain you don’t know just how much is involved in making the war a success. This event wouldn’t have been as near as successful without these two. Especially Ron. I think he put in more time than I did on making this event a success. This on top of being selected as the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce Small Business owner of the year. Congrats to Ron.

It was a real pleasure for me to not only meet York’s Captain John Lowder but to play a round of golf with him, to see just how solid his game is and what a great guy he is. They say you can learn a lot about a man’s character during a round of golf and John is a guy whose character is right up there near the top. Thank you, John, for being so easy to work with. York chose well when they selected you as their Captain.

And now the 2021 Lancaster War of the Roses team. Thank you for allowing me to be your Captain. All of you are not only really good golfers and extremely competitive, but men of character. How you handle yourselves on the course is a pleasure to watch. Sometimes people allow the game of golf to define who they are and become consumed by it. This is not the case with all of you. I can see that golf is a part of who you are but doesn’t define you. Each of you individually are much bigger than this game and it was a pleasure to get to know you a little better and be your Captain. I think we accomplished all of the goals I had set as Captain. For all of us to have fun, enjoy the competition and comradery, and to bring home the trophy.

Thank you for making that happen.


- Jim Fuhrman

2021 Lancaster Captain