2018 War of the Roses


 at Royal Manchester Golf Links - Sept. 22-23 2018

York defeated Lancaster 12.5 - 11.5

Individual Matches Sunday: Lanco 5 - York 7

Corey Gast defeated Shane Henry

Chris Fieger halved John Lowder

Aaron Fricke defeated Dustin Jadro

Marc Oliveri lost to Brett Berkheimer

Ken Phillips lost to Bob Ruby

Dave Richards lost to Don Dimoff

Bunky Burgess lost to Scott Dobak

Connor Sheehan lost to Carson Bacha

Jarred Texter defeated Brandon Knaub

Derek McCarty defeated Scott Knouse

Craig Kliewer lost to Steve Goodley

Matt Burkhart halved Bobby Stiffler

Alternate Shot Saturday:  Lanco 3.5 – York 2.5

  Bunky Burgess/Ken Phillips halved Steve Goodley/Scott Dobak

Chris Fieger/Craig Kliewer defeated Carson Bacha/Dustin Jadro

Corey Gast/Jarred Texter halved Brandon Knaub/Don Dimoff

Matt Burkhart/Dave Richards halved Brett Brekheimer/Scott Knouse

Derek McCarty/Connor Sheehan defeated Bob Ruby/Shane Henry

Aaron Fricke/Marc Oliveri lost to Bobby Stiffler/John Lowder

  Better Ball Saturday:  Lanco 3 – York 3

  Bunky Burgess/Ken Phillips defeated Shane Henry/Dustin Jadro

Chris Fieger/Craig Kliewer lost to Brett Berkheimer/John Lowder

Corey Gast/Jarred Texter  defeated Steve Goodley/Scott Dobak

Matt Burkhart/Dave Richards halved Brandon Knaub/Scott Knouse

Derek McCarty/Connor Sheehan halved Bobby Stiffler/Don Dimoff

Aaron Fricke/Marc Oliveri lost to Carson Bacha/Bob Ruby

WOR Team 2018

 TEAM CAPTAIN: Jud Gemmill



Ken Phillips

Craig Kleiwer

Chris Fieger

Matt Burkhart

David Richards

Derek McCarty

Marc Oliveri

Aaron Fricke

Corey Gast

Jarred Texter

Bunky Burgess

Connor Sheehan